WriterÕs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Personal Style  GLCE:    W.PS.06.01

Literature used: The Relatives Came – Cynthia Rylant


Introduction:  Today IÕm going to read the story, The Relatives Came by: Cynthia Rylant.  This book is great example of how an author can include his/her own sense of humor and voice into the story.


Teaching:  Think about your own sense of style.  What makes you unique?  How could you express this in your writing?


Listen to the story The Relatives Came, and write notes on passages you hear that show the writerÕs sense of humor and unique voice.


Active Involvement:  Have students view one of the pictures from the story, point out details in the illustrations.  The teacher will record on chart paper the studentÕs descriptions of what is taking place.  Then read to the class RylantÕs own description.  Students should listen to the story and note elements of style that they notice, and details that Rylant included that are not included in the picture.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Today, when you are writing practice including your personal sense of style in your story. If you are revising try inserting details or elements of humor that will add your voice to the writing.