Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan



Lesson Focus: Imagery                     

GLCE: W.Gn.06.01


Introduction:  Introduce/define idea of imagery through the use of snapshot.

Literature used: Charlottes Web: description of setting.


Teaching: Read a section of Charlotte’s Web where the author has described the setting with a snapshot (there are many to choose from!).  Discuss why this author did a good job of describing the setting.  Show a section of the Barry Lane video on snapshot. Preview this and pick the proper place to begin and end for maximum impact.  Define snapshot and the kids of details used in a snapshot.


Active Involvement: The teacher can quickly compose a snapshot of   the classroom with the group.

or  have the students write a snapshot they compose in their writer’s notebook.


Applying the Skills or Strategy:  Have each student locate/identify a place in their own writing to add a snapshot.