Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  snapshots    GLCE: W.PS.05.01

Literature used (if applicable):  Owl Moon By Jane Yolen


Introduction:  Today we will learn about snapshots and identify snapshots in the story “Owl Moon.”  You will then write your own snapshots descriptions of a special place.


Teaching: What is a snapshot?  We will look at a photograph and develop a snapshot description together. We will read Owl Moon and identify the snapshots used by Jane Yolen.



Active Involvement:

Students offer ideas while we develop the snapshot description of our photograph.  Students will actively listen to the story and identify the sensory language. 


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Student will write a snapshot paragraph about a special place.


Students will read their paragraphs to a partner.  The partner will listen, visualize the place, and sketch a picture according to the description.


Students will have an opportunity to share in the Author’s Chair.

Paragraphs can lead to longer narrative pieces.