Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Voice/Author Style  GLCE:W.P.R.06.01/03

Literature used (if applicable): Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco


Introduction: Introduce the concept of voice in writing to the students. Read first page of Chicken Sunday and write examples of passages where we hear the author’s voice on the board.  One example would be, “She had a voice like slow thunder and sweet rain

Teaching:  Read several pages of the story.  Students will identify passages that they identify as showing voice (see Active Involvement for ideas).  Create a definition of voice (teacher guided). The teacher will help the class identify strategies for including voice in their writing by analyzing the passages (dialect, simile, word choice etc.)


Active Involvement:  Having the children occupied as the book is being read is very important for this task. One example is using post-it notes to have the students write down voice as they hear it. Another example of involvement is to copy the book on an overhead, as the children raise their hands to inform you of when they hear voice, highlight the words they expressed.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Pick one activity, such as having the students write a paragraph or personal narrative about an activity that they did with their family. When they are done writing, have the student go back and include voice in their paper.  Examples of items to include are: phrases your family may use, similes, metaphors, quotations, and alliteration. Or have the students revisit a piece of writing and revise for voice.