WriterÕs Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus: Write a brief personal narrative.

GLCE: W.GN.00.01   & W.PS.00.01

Literature used (if applicable):  Scaredy Mouse


Introduction:  Today I am going to read a book called Scaredy Mouse by Alan MacDonald. In this book the mice are scared of something that is really not there.


Teaching:  We are going to draw a picture of something weÕre afraid of. Lets do an example together. One time  your teacher.... After you draw your picture we will have to write about what we drew. Lets make a list (brainstorm) of some things we are afraid of that we can write about.


Active Involvement:  Students listen to the story, brainstorm and add to the list.


Applying the Skill or Strategy:  Now you will draw your picture of what you are afraid of. Make sure you check the list and see if you can use any of the words with your picture.  Students will share their writing from the authorÕs chair.