Writer’s Workshop Mini-Lesson Plan


Lesson Focus:  Starting sentences with a capital letter. 

GLCE: Handwriting, form upper and lower case letters.


Literature used (if applicable):  ______________________


Introduction: Teacher says, “Today we are going to learn a new writing target.  We will learn to use a capital letter to start each sentence.” 


Teaching: Teacher models, in the writer’s notebook, how to start a sentence with a capital letter.  Teacher says she/he will write the sentence “My dog is brown.”  Teacher then models in the writer’s notebook starting the first letter, my, with a capital letter.


Active Involvement:  Students then get their writers notebook and write their own sentence.  Teacher will set the timer for twenty minutes, turn off one set of lights and turn on iTunes music.  Students draw a picture and stretch out words.  They write sounds and letters as they hear them.  The students will be reminded to start their sentence with a capital letter.



Applying the Skill or Strategy:  At the end of the writing time, students are encouraged to circle the capital letter that they used in their sentence.