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Rachel's Challenge Spring 2011

Rachel's Challenge came to Jeannette on March 10, 2011.  This program is one of the most powerful school programs in America.  It teaches students to make a positive change and to treat everyone with kindness and compassion. 

Rachel’s Challenge Objectives for Schools:

-Create a safe learning environment for all students by re-establishing civility and delivering proactive antidotes to school violence and bullying.

-Improve academic achievement by engaging students’ hearts, heads and hands in the learning process.

-Provide students with social/emotional education that is both colorblind and culturally relevant.

-Train adults to inspire, equip and empower students to affect permanent positive change.

The image below is a photograph taken of the back of one of Rachel's old pieces of furniture.  Rachel had a habit of writing in unusual places throughout her life. Here, she traced her hands and wrote:  "These hands belong to Rachel Joy scott and will some day touch millions of people's hearts."

Below you will see some photos of the hands of Jeannette's students and what they have to say about what they want to do in the future.  Very inspiring!


The students and staff were very moved by the Rachel's Challenge presentation and there were many tears and hugs during and after it.  It was an amazing sight to see.  Below are some pictures taken during the presentation.

During the lunch hours, students and staff were encouraged to sign our Rachel's Challenge banner if they wanted to accept the challenge.  As you can see, the response was overwhelming.......

During the last hour of school, our presenter did a training session for some of our staff and students.  This was to teach us how to implement a Friends Of Rachel Club here at Jeannette.  That group will share the information they learned with the rest of the student body when the Friends Of Rachel club gets going.  This club will be starting up soon so expect to be hearing about this from your child.  ALL students are invited to join.  The students are VERY excited about this!

All in all, it was an incredible day and one that we strongly believe will change the lives of each and every one of us

here at Jeannette Junior High. 


Our Rachel's Challenge club has a new name!  The students made suggestions and voted and the winning name is

"Rachel's Angels".  We are very excited to have our own name!  The students have been very hard at work making banners for the building, ideas for making the transition for incoming 7th graders as easy as possible, fundraiser ideas and our Penny War going on the week of March 28th through April 1st. 

We will be back after Spring Break to spread more kindness and compassion throughout the building, community and the world!


Rachel's Angels "planted" a pinwheel garden in front of the school for Child Abuse Prevention Month.



Our wonderful Rachel's Angels put together a nice surprise for the staff at Jeannette.  The staff came in to find plastic Easter eggs in their mailboxes that were filled with Hershey's kisses.  The tables in the staff lounge were topped with pretty spring decorations and little packs of Smarties candies.  A note was left on the board there that said, "Hugs & Kisses!  Thanks for making us Smarties! -Rachel's Angels".

What a great feeling we all had when we saw how much we mean to the students here.  Thank you Angels!



Rachel's Angels has also been hard at work making banners for the school with the 5 Challenges on them.  These will be displayed throughout the school to remind students and staff about setting goals, eliminating prejudice and continuing their acts of kindness among other things.


Rachel's Angels signed up for the "Adopt-a-County-Road" program though the Macomb County Road Commission. They were assigned the stretch of 18 Mile Road between Ryan and Dequindre. The first cleanup was on June 1st and we had a nice crowd of Angels out in orange vests accompanied by many staff members, including Mr. Cusumano!

Now that the road has had it's first cleanup, the county will now erect signs on each end of that stretch of road announcing the fact that Rachel's Angels - Jeannette Junior High is now in charge of keeping up the road.  Keep an eye out next fall and you'll see the Angels in their orange vests!


At the last meeting of the year we had our awards ceremony and an ice cream social.  Each student was given a "Participation" award and other awards were "Bright Ideas", "Leadership" and "Most Likely To Start A Chain Reaction". 

We are fiercely proud of what Rachel's Angels has accomplished in just a few short months. Stay tuned for what we have in store for the 2011-2012 school year!