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              Welcome to Plumbrook Elementary!


About our School...


Plumbrook is a caring community of children, parents, and staff members. We are "home" to the Macomb ISD POHI program, and are proud of the contribution that these special children make to our total school environment. We celebrate student success and fill our days with exciting learning opportunities for our children.

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First day of school is September 2nd.  School times are 8:25am-11:32am.

Our first Full day of school is Wednesday, Sept. 3rd.


School Hours

Regular School Day: 8:25am—3:15pm
1/2 Day of School: 8:25am—11:30am
Lunch: 11:30am– 12:10pm


New Bell Schedule


8:15am      Morning Welcome Bell--Teachers report to assigned doors and allow students to enter the building.

8:25am      Start of the Instructional Day

11:30am    Beginning of Lunch (Grades 1, 6, KDG and POHI eating)

11:50am    Lunch Shift Change (Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 eating)

12:10pm    End of Lunch--Start of PM Instruction

3:15pm      End of the Instructional Day--Student Dismissal


Belief Statement:

Teamwork is an essential part of a successful learning environment. Student success is the focus of the learning process. Effective teaching inspires, motivates, and engages students. The Plumbrook community is moving forward together as lifelong learners.


Our Motto:


"Success for All...One Student at a Time!"

Our Theme:

Plumbrook Elementary School's theme is "We're U-Knighted!"