1st Grade Physical Science Print Material

States of Matter:

Changing From Solids to Liquids to Gases by: Dr. Brian Knapp
Gases Around Us by: Dr. Brian Knapp
Properties of Materials by: Dr. Brian Knapp


Forces Around Us by:Sally Hewitt
Magnetism by: Peter Riley
Springs and Magnets by: Dr. Brian Knapp
Marion the Magnet's First Mission by: Sharon Hackleman
Amazing Magnets by: Gloria Bancroft
Magnets by: Susan Baker
Marta's Magnets by: Wendy Pfeffer
Thematic Unit: Magnets by Teacher Created Materials, Inc.
Magnets by Susan Baker
The Mystery of Magnets by Melvin Berger
Experiments with Magnets by Ed Catherall
Amazing Magnets by Julian Rowe & Molly Perham
Magnets and Batteries by David Evans & Claudette Williams
Science with Magnets by Helen Edom