2nd Grade Earth Science Labs/Activities


The following activities will demonstrate to students various types of erosion.The purpose of these activities is to increase students awareness to the point where they can make intelligent decisions on proper land use.

Additional activities for V.1.E.3: Click here


AIMS free program - “Primarily Earth”

Contact: Michigan Geological Society / Rock Clubs

Using Rocks and Minerals
Match the rocks and minerals listed below to the way that we use them. Write their names or letters in the space provided.

Cookie Lab: “Great Cookie Mix-up” AIMS Vol B, No. 1


Teacher-guided demonstration: What are the different states of water on the Earth’s surface?

V.1.E.5 The Water Cycle p96 Teacher Created materials, Inc. #2427 Integrating Technology into the Science Curriculum


Activities: Air Takes Up Space and Has Weight, Does Air Have Weight?, and What’s in a Cloud?

V.2.E.1 Make a Cloud p 70 Teaching Physical Science Through Children's Literature by Susan E.


As the story (Water's Way by Lisa Westberg Peters) is read, students identify the parts of the water cycle as it relates to the real world around them through the eyes of the story teller.