2nd Grade Life Science Labs/Activities

Click here for Scientific Method Chart.

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III.2.E.1 The Fatter the Better: An Arctic Activity In depth activity which demonstrates how a polar bear adapt to the arctic cold.

III.2.E.1 Students will recognize general types of bird beaks and the food each beak is best adapted for.
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Click here for seed observation lab sheet.

II.2.E.5 Match the function to the plant part. Plants: Plant Flip-Book Project p13. The Education Center, Inc. Teacher Helper TEC8973 April/May/June 1999
The following activtities can be used 25 Science Plays for Emergent Readers by Sheryl Ann Crawford & Nancy I. Sanders Scholastic:
There's No Place Like Home (habitats) p20
Fly High, Butterfly (life cycles) p17
Once Upon a Food Chain p29
All Aboard the Earth Train (habitats) p52
Lets Go Exploring (habitats) p50