2nd Grade Health
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What do you want students to:
know, do, be like?
How will you know if benchmarks have been achieved?
What possible instructional resources
could be used?
I (introduce), P (practice), M (master)
Health Michigan Model


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Identify the basic functions, parts, and care of the eye and ear. Students will label the parts of the ear and eye. Students will be able to identify the function of each part of the ear and eye.
Recognize proper safety procedures (i.e., fire, bike, water, food, drugs). Fire Safety; Students will create a home fire evacuation plan.

Bike Safety: Students will identify the equipment needed to safely operate a bike, skateboard, and/or roller blades. The students could dress a paper model of a child. They could simply draw the safety equipment or they could create paper models of each piece of equipment. They would then place the safety equipment into the proper place.

After reading Officer Buckle and Gloria (from the Reading Series), the students will create a class safety book that demonstrates a variety of safety precautions. You could narrow your focus of the book to relate to water safety, food safety, or drugs.

List ways in which one grows other than physically. Students could keep a year long reflective journal. The students could put entries in the journal that include information that they have learned from each of the content areas. These journals would show the students how they have changed throughout the year. They would be able to see how they have grown emotionally and educationally.

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