Activity for V.2.E.1

Teacher-guided demonstration: What are the different states of water on the Earth’s surface?
The teacher places soil/sand in a plastic container with a cover (clear rectangular works best). Using a scale, students weigh the tightly sealed container and record their findings. The teacher adds ice to the container, seals it, and reweighs the container. Students record the data. The container should be moved to an observable place and slightly elevated at one end.

The teacher poses the focus question and allows students time to record their predictions. Using a table to record date and time, students should draw/describe their observations after the container is sealed for five days. The students will make several observations of the sealed container and record/draw/describe their observations. Students participate in discussions concerning the focus question.

On the last day of the demonstration, the teacher weighs the container. The students compose/write/draw conclusions based on their observations as well as the class discussions in regard to the focus question. They also should include a comparison between their predictions and results of the demonstration.