Science/Strand V/Content Standard 1/Elementary/Benchmark 4
Instructional Example

Benchmark Question: How are rocks and fossils used to understand the history of the Earth?

Focus Question: How do different layers of the Earth represent the history of the Earth?

The teacher will pose the focus question to the class to introduce the lesson.

Then students in small groups will fill a grocery bag with daily collections of classroom scraps and shredded colored paper. This collection will be created over a period of time.

Each time period is designated by the use of different colored shredded paper. (At least two different colors should be used.) After the collection period, each group will cut a wide strip down one side of the bag, showing a window revealing all layers. Measuring the height of the bag in centimeters, students will cut a strip of paper equal to the height of the bag and will measure and record the contents of each layer. Based on the students' data, the group will determine the events that occurred during the different time periods. The students will identify that the bottom layer represents the oldest layer.

Constructing: (SCI.I.1.E.1), (SCI.I.1.E.2), (SCI.I.1.E.6).

Reflecting: (SCI.II.1.E.1).