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1. Click on "Rock Creations". What are the three types of rocks?

_________________________ ________________________ _____________________

2. Click on each type to see how they are formed. Match each rock type to how it was formed. (Hint: use the back button to return to the first page.)

_____ Igneous rock a) Bits of earth settle at the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans. Layers of eroded earth are deposited on top of each other. They are pressed down over time and slowly turn into rock.
_____ Metamorphic rock b) If they are formed underground, they are formed when the melted magma becomes trapped in small packets and cool slowly. They can also be formed when lava, from an erupting volcano, cools.
_____ Sedimentary rock c) These were once igneous or sedimentary rock. Because of pressure, heat builds up and causes them to change.

3. Click on "Rock Home Page", then click on "Discover Earth's Treasures". Click on each of the rocks listed below and complete the chart. (HINT: Always click on the back button to return.) The first rock is done for you.

Name of rock: Type of rock: Made from:
conglomerate sedimentary sand and pebbles
gneiss _______________________ _______________________
granite _______________________ _______________________
gypsum _______________________ _______________________
limestone _______________________ _______________________
obsidian _______________________ _______________________
pumice _______________________ _______________________
sandstone _______________________ _______________________
schist _______________________ _______________________
scoria _______________________ _______________________
shale _______________________ _______________________

4, Scroll down and click on "Rock Hound Quiz". Take the quiz and check your answers. Make sure to scroll down to the end of the quiz. Print the answer page when you are done checking your answers.