Fourth Grade Earth Science
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What do you want students to:
know, do, be like?
How will you know if benchmarks have been achieved?
What possible instructional resources
could be used?
I (introduce), P (practice), M (master)
The following benchmarks can be found in Unit A: Earth's Land Labs/Activities:


Print Material:

Field Trips:

IRC Activities: Check calendar frequently for new events.

Units of Practice:
Each UOP, located on the Utica Learning Interchange (ULI), is developed by one of your colleagues, an experienced teacher, and exemplifies an approach to integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. Search the UOPs by Subject and Level or by Keyword.

  • Daily Weather Guide
  • Rock Hounds and Mineral Miners
  • Seasons In Motion

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Apple Learning Interchange-Technology Rich Lessons

V.1.E.2 Recognize and describe different types of earth materials. SS P Unit Performance Assessment in Teacher Assessment Workbook has a good alternative assessment. Unit Project on page A1K: Investigating Your States' Natural Resources

V.1.E.2 MiClimb: The teacher Students will look at Earth materials using a hand lens and will identify the materials by sorting the samples into pre-labeled containers.

Rocks to Riches Cluster Set

V.1.E.3 Describe natural changes in the earth's surface. SS P / M V.1.E.3 Discovery Works: Build Your Portfolio Assessment Teacher's Manual page A25
Students will create an illustration that shows what happens to the boulder as it changes into sand.

Teacher's Assessment Guide page A51

Carving the Land Cluster Set

Sand Blasted Glaciers Cluster Set

V.1.E.5 Describe uses of materials taken from the earth. SS M V.1.E.5 MiClimb: Each student will create a booklet that illustrates five objects found around school and lists the Earth materials that were used to make the objects.

Discovery Works Portfolio assessment page A51

V.1.E.6 Demonstrate ways to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution through reduction, reuse, and recycling of manufactured materials. P / M V.1.E.6 Discovery Works

The Problem with Trash assessment guide pg. 33-34

Portfolio assessment on page A79

Trashing Trash Cluster Set

The following benchmarks can be found in Unit E: Weather and Climate
V.3.E.1 Describe weather conditions. (Atmosphere) M V.3.E.1 MiClimb: Each student will compose a shape poem, weather story, picture, or cinquain describing weather and containing at least 3 of the key conepts of the following: temperature, clouds, precipitation, wind, severe weather, and tools.

Feeling The Air Cluster Set

V.3.E.2 Describe seasonal changes in Michigan's weather. M V.3.E.2 MiClimb: Students draw a series of pictures in the order of the seasons. The pictures show precipitation and people wearing appropriate clothing for each season. Students compare and contrast pictures with classmates.

"Science Court" Seasons CD-Rom

V.3.E.3 Explain appropriate safety precautions during severe weather M V.3.E.3 Weather Safety Poster Portfolio Assessment E75

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