Cluster Set Questions: A Change for the Better?

1. What is this selection MOSTLY about?

A. Breaking a stick in half causes a physical change.

B. Temperature can change matter.

C. All matter is different and therefore cannot be changed.

D. Matter can change physically in size, shape, or state.

2. In this selection, the word physical change means:

A. exercising regularly

B. a change in the size, shape, or state of matter

C. melting an ice cream cone

D. boiling water

3. What is NOT an example of a physical change?

A. a roasting marshmallow

B. melting an ice cube

C. cutting construction paper

D. breaking a pencil

4. The picture caption on page B51 tells us that:

A. ice cream is a delicious treat

B. melting ice cream is not considered a physical change

C. melting ice cream is a physical change

D. ice cream can be very messy

5. What are some other examples of physical changes? List two that are not mentioned in this selection.


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