Earth's Land Resources Discovery Works Text Book Activities


V.1.E.2 Recognize and describe different types of earth materials.
V.1.E.3 Describe natural changes in the earth's surface.
V.1.E.5 Describe uses of materials taken from the earth.

Page Name Comments
A6-7 Hills and Valleys Messy-Try to do outside
A8-9 At the Beach Teacher Demonstration works well
A18-19 Gigantic Sand Paper Integrates with Social Studies--Glaciers
A28 Little Ones From Big How soil forms
A29 Saving Soil Soil Erosion
A34-A35 Exploring Minerals

V.1.E.6 Demonstrate ways to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution through reduction, reuse, and recycling of manufactured materials.

Page Name Comments
A54 Looking At Trash
A62 A Liter Walk
A68-A69 Recycling Old News Use an old blender
A71 A Second Life for Trash

If the experiment is not listed, we found that it was not useful or did not fit the standards.