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Feeling the Air

1. How is a hot-air balloon like the paper-bag air scale?

2. In the selection Moving Air what is the MAIN idea:
a. Light colored materials heat up more rapidly than
dark colored materials.
b. Heating the air in a paper bag makes the bag
c. Warm air rises and cooler air sinks.
d. Doing science experiments with air is fun.

3. In the selection Moving Air, what does the word wind
a. The heating of air.
b. The cooling of air.
c. When air takes up space.
d. The movement of air.

4. From the pictures on page E21, which of the surfaces
do you think would give off the most heat.
a. Top picture.
b. Middle picture.
c. Bottom picture.

5. At night you feel a breeze as you stand on an ocean
beach. Which breeze causes this, land breeze or
ocean breeze. Why? (HINT: Look at the pictures at
the top of page E22!)