Print Material
Physical Science Units: Matter and Electricity & Magnetism

Matter Tradebooks

Caldecott Connections to Science (Shan Glandon) Beal Library:-A Snowy Day (3 activities for states of Matter)

Energy: Make Things Happen, By Brubacker and Bradley, Harper Collins Publishing

I Witness Books : Matter -ISBN 0-7894-4886-6 by Christopher Cooper D.K. Publishing

Matter Teacher Resource Books

Matter Matters by Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center (Beal Library Call Number M435)

Changes of State by Education Development Center, Inc.(Beal Library Call Number A532g)

Hands on Physical Science Activities by Marvin n.Tolman (Beal Library Call Number T652)

Fascinating Science Projects (Reference for Enerdy) by Bobbi Searle Cooper Beech Books Brookfield, Connecticut

Electricity & Magnetism Tradebooks

I Witness Books : Electricity -07894-5577-3 D.K. Publishing

Electricity by Peter Riley Franklin Watts (ISBN 0-531-15366-5)

Experiments With Electricity by Salvatore Tocci (ISBN 0-516-27348-5)

Hands-On Science Over 40 Fantastic Experiments Electricity and Magnets by Sarah Angliss, King Fisher Press. (ISBN 0-7534-5349-5)

Magnetism by Peter Riley Franklin Watts (ISBN 0-531-15372-X)

Make it Work! Electricity: The Hands-On Approach to Science by Baker and Haslam, Two-Can Publishing. (ISBN 1-58728-354-9)

Electricity & Magnetism Teacher Resource Books

AIMS Activities: Electrical Connections

AIMS Activities: Mostly Magnets

Hands on Elementary Science 4 by Sopris West (Beal Library Call Number C319d)

Magnetism and Electricity by Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center (Beal Library Call Number M196)

Caldecott Connections to Science by Shan Glandon (Beal Library Call Number G545)

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