Elementary Reflecting Benchmarks
Benchmark 1
Develop an awareness of the need for evidence in making decisions scientifically.

Benchmark Clarification

In the scientific world, decisions must be based on factual evidence that can be replicated.

Students will determine if an explanation is supported by factual data, personal opinion, naïve statement, or misconception.

Key Concept
Observation; (K-2)

Data, evidence, sample, fact, opinion. (3-5)

Real World Context
Deciding whether an explanation is supported by evidence gathered in simple experiments, or relies on personal opinion

Benchmark 2

Show how science concepts can be illustrated through creative expression such as language arts and fine arts.

Benchmark Clarification

Creative expressions can be used to build and support science concepts. Students will use creative expression to interpret a science concept through poetry, music, murals, illustrations and movement. For example:

* Rainbow Poem
* Rhythm Band
* Spring Dance
* Mural of the Seasons

Key Concept

* Poetry
* Expository work
* Painting
* Drawing
* Music
* Diagrams
* Graphs
* Charts

Real World Context
Explaining simple experiments using paintings and drawings; describing natural phenomena scientifically and poetically

Benchmark 3
Describe ways in which technology is used in everyday life.

Benchmark Clarification

Students will describe how technology has made their life easier, faster, and more convenient or complex.

Key Concept
Provide faster and farther transportation and communication, organize information and solve problems, save time

Real World Context
Cars, other machines, radios, telephones, computer games, calculators, appliances, the World Wide Web

Benchmark 4
Develop an awareness of and sensitivity to the natural world.

Benchmark Clarification

There is a natural balance on Earth that affects all organisms. Students will examine the effects they have on the natural world. Students will show how all organisms relate to and influence the balance in the natural world.

Key Concept
Appreciation of the balance of nature and the effects organisms have on each other, including the effects humans have on the natural world

Real World Context
Any in the sections on Using Scientific Knowledge appropriate to elementary school

Benchmark 5
Develop an awareness of contributions made to science by people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Benchmark Clarification

Interested and capable people from all cultures and of all ages are encouraged to become part of the scientific community. Students will recognize that all people, regardless of age, race, creed or gender, can and have made important contributions to science.

Key Concept
Scientific contributions made by people of diverse cultures and backgrounds

Real World Context
Any in the sections on Using Scientific Knowledge appropriate for this benchmark