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Sand Blasted

1. When is wind more likely to erode materials?
A. When the land is moist and the plants can be easily pulled.
B. When the land is frozen and the plants can break off.
C. When the land is dry and the plants have died off.
D. When the land is loose and the plants can be easily pulled.

2. What are windbreaks?
A. Something that can slow down the wind.
B. Something that can speed up the wind.
C. Something that can change the wind’s direction.
D. Something that can stop the wind.

3. What effects of the wind do you observe on a windy day?

Glaciers - Nature’s Bulldozers

1. What is a glacier?
A. A huge mass of moving sand that forms over land.
B. A huge mass of moving ice that forms over land.
C. A huge mass of moving water that forms over land.
D. A huge mass of moving grass that forms over land.

2. Why do glaciers form in cold regions?

3. What is the difference between a continental glacier and a valley glacier?

4. Explain the 2 ways that glaciers can shape the land.

5. Suppose a giant snowball rolled down a hill, collecting sticks, pebbles, and soil on its way. Then warm weather arrived and melted the snowball. Explain what materials you would find.

Created by Janice Demond 2002