Science Resources

5th Grade Activities / Labs for Plants

III.1.MS.1 Demonstrate evidence that all parts of living things are made of cells.
Investigation 2 - What Do Plant Cells Look Like? p. A22
Performanced - Make a Model p. A26
III.2.E.5 Explain functions of selected seed plant parts.
Investigation 3 - How do Plants React to Light and Gravity? p. A48
Investigation 2 - What Are the Stages in the Life Cycles of a Seed Plant? p. A64
III.2.MS.1 Compare and Classify organisms into major groups on the basis of their structure.
Investigation 1 - How Are Plants Classified? p. A76
Portfolio - Make a Model p. A83
III.2.MS.2 Describe the life cycle of a flowering plant.
Reflect and Evaluate p. A73
III.2.MS.3 Describe evidence that plants make and store food.
Activity - Making Food... and Storing It! p. A32