5th Grade Life Science Labs/Activities

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Pollution Solution: Macomb County Public Works Commission (Kristen O'Reilly 586-466-4016)

STC Kit : Ecosystems 800-334-5551

Catastrophie! These cards can be used with "Catastrohie!", an activity in Project Wild.


III.2.MS.1 MiClimb Activity--How are groups of living things classified?

III.5.E.1 Book Activity: Weave a Food Web (D28), A Meal Fit for an Owl (D14)

Extension Activity:

Reading: D29-31, D18-D19

III.5.E.2 Book Activity: A Local Ecosystem (D6-D7)

Extension Activity:

Reading: D10-D13, D34-D35

III.5.E.3 Book Activity: Make a Mini-Biome (D46-D47)

Extension Activity: Deadly Links from Project Wild (www.projectwild.org)

Reading: D48-D55

III.5.MS.1 Book Activity:

Extension Activity: Good Buddies

Reading: D20-D22

III.5.MS.2 Book Activity: Energy in a Pond (D26-D27)

Extension Activity:

Reading: D16-D17

III.5.MS.3 Book Activity: See MiClimb

Extension Activity:

Reading: D58-62

III.5.MS.6 Book Activity: Vanishing Species (D56-D57)

Extension Activity:

Reading: D58-D62