5th Grade Physical Science Benchmarks
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What do you want students to:
know, do, be like?
How will you know if benchmarks have been achieved?
What possible instructional resources
could be used?
I (introduce), P (practice), M (master)
The following benchmarks can be found in UNIT C: Energy, Work & Machines: Labs & Activities


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  • Gadget Works Videoconference

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  • Simple Machines Make Life Easier
  • Invent the Imaginable

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IV.3.E.1 Describe or compare motions of common objects in terms of speed and direction. P / M IV.3.E.1 Students will describe the motion of a ball that has been kicked, rolled, and thrown in terms of speed, direction, and change of direction using precise description...MI CLIMB
IV.3.E.2 Explain how forces (pushes or pulls) are needed to speed up, slow down, stop, or change the directing of a moving object. P / M IV.3.E.2 See assessment performance on C35 in Discovery Works. Investigation Sliding Along on pg. C26 also: MiCLiMB
IV.3.E.4 Identify and use simple machines and describe how they change effort. P / M IV.3.E.4 EdHeads. Investigations: Different Slants on Doing Work on pg. C40, A Lifting Experience on pg. C24, Wheel & Axle on pg. C56, and AIMS Activities - Brick Layers Grades 4-9. Also.....MiCLiMB
IV.3.E.5 Manipulate simple mechanical devices and explain how their parts work together. I / P / M only time! IV.3.E.5 How do we manipulate simple machines and make their parts work together? ....MiCLiMB
IV.3.MS.5 Design strategies for moving objects by application of forces, including the use of simple machines I IV.3.MS.5 How can we use simple machines to make work seem easier? ...MiCLiMB
The following benchmarks can be found in UNIT F: Light & Sound
IV.4.E.1 Describe sounds in terms of their properties. I / P / M only time! IV.4.E.1
Discovery Works CD-ROM Meet the Waves and Speed Up description on p. F53 TE
IV.4.MS.1 Explain how sound travels through different media I IV.4.MS.1 Portfolio - Write a Story p, F63 TE
IV.4.E.2 Explain how sounds are made
I / P / M only time!
IV.4.E.2 Performance Demonstration p. F59 TE
IV.4.E.3 Use prisms and filters with light sources to produce various colors of light.
I / P / M only time!
IV.4.E.3 Discovery WorksCD-ROM Mixing Colors see description on p. F29 TE
IV.4.MS.3 Explain how light is required to see objects.I IV.4.MS.3 Investigation 1 - What is Light and Where Does It Come From? p. F6 TE
IV.4.E.4 Explain how shadows are made. P / M IV.4.E.4 See MICLIMB Benchmark SCI.IV.4.E4
IV.4.MS.4 Describe ways in which light interacts with matter. I / P / M
IV.4.MS.4 Investigate Further p.F21 TE

Committee Members: Mark Bienkowski, Jennifer Jenkins, Sue Kutskill, Alice Miller, Sandy Pearce, Sharon Smith, Kelly Widener

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