5th Grade Earth Science Benchmarks
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What do you want students to:
know, do, be like?
How will you know if benchmarks have been achieved?
What possible instructional resources
could be used?
I (introduce), P (practice), M (master)
The following benchmarks can be found in Water Labs & Activities


Print Material:

Field Trips:

  • Detroit Water & Sewage
  • GLEP (Water Quality) from MSU Extension Center
  • Pollution Solution: Macomb County Public Works Commission (Kristen O'Reilly 586-466-4016)

IRC Activities: Check calendar frequently for new events.

  • Space Adventures

Units of Practice: Each UOP, posted on the ULI, is developed by one of your colleagues, an experienced teacher, and exemplifies an approach to integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. Search the UOPs by Subject and Level or by Keyword.

  • Traveling Through the Solar System

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V.2.E.1 Describe how water exists on earth in three states. M V.2.E.1 Write a description about the different states of water on the Earth's surface....MI CLiMB
V.2.MS.1 Use maps of the earth to locate water in its various forms and describe conditions under which they exist. I V.2.MS.1 Write a paragraph that explains the role that latitude & elevation play in the form that water takes across a region after using surface maps, relief map, etc.....MI CLiMB
V.2.E.2Trace the path that rain water follows after it falls. M V.2.E.2 Create a diagram that includes a written narrative that explains the path that rain water follows to a body of water.
The following benchmarks can be found in Unit B: The Solar System & Beyond
V.4.E.1 Compare and contrast characteristics of the sun, moon and earth. M V.4.E.1 Create a travel brochure that shows the similarities & differences of the sun, moon, and earth. Describe the characteristics of the sun, moon, and Earth.
V.4.E.2 Describe the motion of the earth around the sun and the moon around the earthM V.4.E.2 Students choose to show these motions in one of the following ways: role playing, draw/label a diagram, write/perform a song. MI CLiMB

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