6th Grade Physical Science Benchmarks
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What do you want students to:
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Students should master these:
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IV.1.MS.5 Construct simple circuits and explain how they work in terms of the flow of current.

Students will:

  • Describe electricity as an energy transfer from a power source (such as a battery) through a conductor (such as a wire) to an electrical device (such as a bulb) and then back to the power source
IV.1.MS.6 Investigate electrical devices and explain how they work, using instructions and appropriate safety precautions.

Students will:

  • Investigate electrical devices and explain how they work by following the flow of energy through a device
  • Determine if the circuit is complete to make the appliance work by reading a flow diagrams , which is often included in an instruction manual
IV.3.MS.3 Describe the non-contact forces exerted by magnets, electrically charged objects, and gravity.

Students will:

  • Describe forces exerted from a distance with objects not touching
IV.3.MS.4 Use electric currents to create magnetic fields, and explain applications of this principle.

Students will:

  • Construct an electromagnet
  • Describe how an electromagnet works

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