Strand I
Construct New Scientific and Personal Knowledge


Science/Strand I
Content Standard 1
All students will ask questions that help them learn about the world; design and conduct investigations using appropriate methodology and technology; learn from books and other sources of information; communicate findings of investigations using appropriate technology. (Constructing)


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1
Middle School


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School
Benchmark 2
Design and conduct scientific investigations.

Benchmark Clarification

Students will develop the ability to ask clear questions that can be researched using the scientific method and will design investigations that include the following:

  • Formulate a clear question that can be tested through scientific inquiry
  • Propose a hypothesis that attempts to answer the question with reasons for that answer
  • Develop an organized procedure to test the hypothesis
  • Record data (accurate measurements and careful observations) and report in tables, graphs, and journals
  • Draw conclusions based on evidence presented
  • Discuss errors and alternative explanations for results

Key Concept / Real World Context / Resources


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 2
Key Concept
The process of scientific investigation:

  • Test
  • Fair test
  • Hypothesis
  • Evidence
  • Observations
  • Measurements
  • Data
  • Conclusion

Forms for:

  • Recording data
  • Reporting data
  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Journals


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 2
Real World Context
In sections on Using Scientific Knowledge; also, recognizing differences between observations and inferences; recording observations and measurements of everyday phenomena


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 2