Strand II
Reflect on the Nature, Adequacy, and Connections Across Scientific Knowledge


Science/Strand II
Content Standard 1
All students will analyze claims for their scientific merit and explain how scientists decide what constitutes scientific knowledge; how science is related to other ways of knowing; how science and technology affect our society; and how people of diverse cultures have contributed to and influenced developments in science. (Reflecting on Scientific Knowledge)


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1
Middle School


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/Middle School
Benchmark 6
Recognize the contributions made in science by cultures and individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Benchmark Clarification

Students will have opportunities:

  • To familiarize themselves with perspectives of diverse cultural and racial groups that are traditionally underrepresented in science
  • To have scientific concepts and experiences presented in ways that promote an understanding and appreciation of different cultures and their influence on the nature and structure of the scientific enterprise
  • To have a learning environment that reflects equitable contributions to support and encourage the pursuit of science as a career.

Key Concept / Real World Context / Resources


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 6
Key Concept
Cultural contributions made in science, contributions made by people of diverse backgrounds


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 6
Real World Context
Biographies of minority and female scientists, histories of cultural contributions to science


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 6