Strand I
Construct New Scientific and Personal Knowledge


Science/Strand I
Content Standard 1
All students will ask questions that help them learn about the world; design and conduct investigations using appropriate methodology and technology; learn from books and other sources of information; communicate findings of investigations using appropriate technology. (Constructing)


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1
Middle School


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School
Benchmark 1
Generate scientific questions about the world based on observation.

Benchmark Clarification

Children are curious about things from birth, it does not have to be taught. Inquiry into authentic questions generated from student experiences is the central strategy for teaching science. Beginning with their observations, students will describe, explain, and predict natural phenomena. Students will develop questions from their observations that can be answered through scientific inquiry. Students will construct questions about the world in ways that lead to finding answers through investigations, building things, and consulting informational sources.

Key Concept / Real World Context / Resources


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 1
Key Concept
Scientific questions can be answered by gathering and analyzing evidence about the world.


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 1
Real World Context
Any in the sections on Using Scientific Knowledge


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/Middle School/Benchmark 1