Benchmark 2
Compare and contrast (K-2) or classify (3-5) familiar organisms on the basis of observable physical characteristics.

Benchmark Clarification

Plants and animals may have similar and/or different features. Plants and/or animals may be put into groups based on similarities and differences.

K-2 groups will:

* Compare and contrast plants (bean) and animals (dog)
* Compare and contrast body coverings (feathers on a robin, scales on a trout)
* Compare and contrast edible parts and non-edible parts (apple on a tree, leaves on the same tree)

3-5 groups will:

* Compare and contrast flowering (tulip) and non-flowering (philodendron) plants
* Compare and contrast vertebrates (snake) and invertebrates (worm)
* Compare and contrast endoskeletons (human) and exoskeletons (lobster)

Key Concept / MEAP Vocabulary
Words describing plant or animal parts:

* backbone
* skin
* shell
* limbs
* roots
* leaves
* stems
* flowers
* feathers
* scales

Real World Context
Animals that look similar:

* snakes
* worms
* millipedes

Flowering and non-flowering plants:

* pine tree
* oak tree
* rose
* algae