Benchmark 4
Compare and contrast food, energy, and environmental needs of selected organisms.

Benchmark Clarification

All plants and animals have life requirements. Plants and animals obtain and use energy (sunlight and food) from their environment (water, air, minerals, space, and habitat) in a variety of ways. A basic understanding of photosynthesis (5th grade) is essential.

Students will:

* Compare and contrast how plants obtain and use energy directly from the sun and convert it to produce their own food to how animals use plants or other animals for their food

Key Concept / MEAP Vocabulary
Life requirements:

* food
* air
* water
* minerals
* sunlight
* space
* habitat

See (SCI.III.5.E.2)

Real World Context
Germinating seeds:

* beans
* corn

Aquarium or terrarium life:

* guppy
* goldfish
* snail