Benchmark 5
Explain the functions of selected seed plant parts.

Benchmark Clarification

All plants have parts that perform a specific function (job) to keep the plant alive. Each part of a plant works to support a plant’s life.

Students will:

* Explain how roots anchor the plant and take in water and minerals
* Explain how stems provide support and carry water, minerals, and food to all parts of the plant
* Explain how leaves make food (site of food production)
* Explain how flowers produce fruit and attract pollinators (bees, birds, etc.)
* Explain how fruits hold and disperse seeds
* Explain how seeds carry embryos for new plants

Key Concept / MEAP Vocabulary
Plant parts:

* roots
* stems
* leaves
* flowers
* fruits
* seeds

See (SCI.III.4.E.2), functions of selected animal body parts.

Real World Context
Common edible plant parts:

* bean
* cauliflower
* carrots
* apples
* tomatoes
* celery
* spinach