K Health
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What do you want students to:
know, do, be like?
How will you know if benchmarks have been achieved?
What possible instructional resources
could be used?
I (introduce), P (practice), M (master)
Health Labs & Activities


Print Material:

Field Trips:

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IRC Activities:

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Units of Practice:

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Name the visible parts of the body. .
Explore the 5 senses. .
Demonstrate an awareness of the proper care of teeth.
Practice good hygiene habits. .
State the difference between poisons, medicines, and other drugs. .
Demonstrate saying an assertive NO. .
State what to do if one is in an uncomfortable situation. .
Identify that feelings are associated with physical illness. .
Note the symptoms or feelings that should be reported to adults. .
Discuss the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. .

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