Benchmark 2

Describe seasonal changes in Michigan’s weather.

Benchmark Clarification

Michigan’s weather changes with the seasons.

Changes in weather will include:

* Temperature
* Precipitation (rain, snow)
* Number of hours of sunlight

Students will:

* Compare and contrast seasonal changes in weather (e.g., fall, winter, spring, summer)
* Describe the effects of seasonal changes on:
* vegetation
* human activities

Key Concept / MEAP Vocabulary

Seasons and types of weather:

* fall — cool nights and warm days, day length getting shorter
* winter — snowy and cold, getting dark early in the evenings
* spring — warmer days, often rainy with thunderstorms, day length getting longer
* summer — warm or hot days and warm nights, daylight lasting until late in the evenings

Real World Context
Examples of visible seasonal changes in nature