Astronomy Benchmarks
[Constructing and Reflecting] [Astronomy]
What do you want students to:
know, do, be like?
How will you know if benchmarks have been achieved?
What possible instructional resources
could be used?
What topics should be taught?

The MiCLimb links (on the left side of this document) clarify the benchmark, and list key concepts and vocabulary.

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    V.4.H.1 Compare our sun to other stars. .
    V.4.H.2 Describe the position and motion of our solar system in our galaxy and the overall scale, structure, and age of the universe. .
    V.4.H.3 Explain how stars and planetary systems form and how stars produce energy. .
    V.4.H.4 Explain how technology and scientific inquiry have helped us learn about the universe. .
    Discuss and apply the history and mechanics of the sky. .
    Examine and interpret the life cycle of the stars. .
    Investigate and explain the universe.

    Compare and contrast the objects in the solar system. .
    Illustrate a model of the solar system. .