Strand II
Reflect on the Nature, Adequacy, and Connections Across Scientific Knowledge


Science/Strand II
Content Standard 1
All students will analyze claims for their scientific merit and explain how scientists decide what constitutes scientific knowledge; how science is related to other ways of knowing; how science and technology affect our society; and how people of diverse cultures have contributed to and influenced developments in science. (Reflecting on Scientific Knowledge)


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1
High School


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/High School
Benchmark 7
Describe the historical, political, and social factors affecting the developments in science.

Benchmark Clarification

Students will recognize that the development of scientific knowledge has historically been affected by political, social and economic factors. Students will examine the historical origins of science and make connections between science and other ways of knowing. Key Concept / Real World Context / Resources


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 7
Key Concept
Historical, political, social, and economic factors influencing the development of science


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 7
Real World Context
An example might be the development of the sun-centered model of the solar system and political pressures on Galileo; the development of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.


Science/Strand II/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 7