Strand I
Construct New Scientific and Personal Knowledge


Science/Strand I
Content Standard 1
All students will ask questions that help them learn about the world; design and conduct investigations using appropriate methodology and technology; learn from books and other sources of information; communicate findings of investigations using appropriate technology. (Constructing)


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1
High School


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School
Benchmark 2
Design and conduct scientific investigations.

Benchmark Clarification

Students will:

Given a scientific question, be able to:

1. Form a hypothesis

2. Design a test or an experiment with a control

3. Analyze the data they generate

4. Form a conclusion based on the data and hypothesis

5. Evaluate an experiment to find the key components of a scientific investigation.

Key Concept / Real World Context / Resources


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 2
Key Concept

  • Types of scientific knowledge: hypothesis, theory, observation, conclusion, law, data, generalization.
  • Aspects of field research: hypothesis, design, observations, samples, analysis, conclusion.
  • Aspects of experimental research: hypothesis, design, variable, experimental group, control group, prediction, analysis, conclusion. Investigations are based on questions about the world.


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 2
Real World Context
Any suggested in Using Scientific Knowledge benchmarks for which students would design and/or conduct investigations


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 2