Strand I
Construct New Scientific and Personal Knowledge


Science/Strand I
Content Standard 1
All students will ask questions that help them learn about the world; design and conduct investigations using appropriate methodology and technology; learn from books and other sources of information; communicate findings of investigations using appropriate technology. (Constructing)


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1
High School


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School
Benchmark 5
Discuss topics in groups by making clear presentations, restating or summarizing what others have said, asking for clarification or elaboration, and taking alternative perspectives and defending a position.

Benchmark Clarification

Students will logically and clearly present information that they have gathered through observation, documents, and/or opinions. Students will seek clarification of all information and consider several points of view. Based on the discussion, students will take a position and defend it.

Key Concept / Real World Context / Resources


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 5
Key Concept

  • Logical argument
  • Summary
  • Clarification
  • Elaboration
  • Alternative perspectives


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 5
Real World Context
Newspaper or magazine articles discussing a topic of social concern.


Science/Strand I/Content Standard 1/High School/Benchmark 5